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We can perform a complete security risk assessment, and will work one on one with you to establish a reliable and effective security program to suite your needs. Whether you need temporary, overnight, or a long term primary security provider; Centurion Protective Services, LLC, is here to serve you.

Our Officers

Our security officers come from various backgrounds such as law enforcement, military, and other public or private sector public safety professions. The manner in which our Officers present themselves promotes the professionalism and training they have attained, as well as demonstrates your commitment to the safety and security of life and property.


We focus on how to best provide service to our clients and their guests, while still helping to maintain a safe and orderly environment. At the same time our officers provide an easily accessible resource for guest assistance and information.


A professional Security Officer patrolling your site promotes safety and deters the criminal element.

Key Features of Our Services

Uniformed Security Officers– Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent. By their presence alone, uniformed security officers can help enhance safety and reduce crime on your property or facility. Whether on foot patrol or in our marked patrol vehicles, our officers will provide a constant presence.

Marked Patrol Vehicles– Our patrol vehicles are GPS tracked an include a full size, roof mounted LED light bar as well as a driver side post mounted spot light. Our GPS tracked vehicles send real-time reports to our operations center. These reports include the vehicle’s location, direction of travel, and speed. These reports can be customized using geo-fencing which allows us to track when a patrol vehicle enters and departs a specified area.

Records Management– Centurion Protective Services utilizes an electronic report management system that allows for timely notification of noteworthy events and incidents via email distribution to the client. This system is customizable for each site and can include site specific site information to include GPS tagged QR scanning and maintenance/lighting reports.

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